Location: Hangzhou
Area:350 ㎡

Everyday, about a third of the time in the office, as for more ideas into office space, office space is no longer a traditional closed space, but with the ever-changing information high-speed iteration, gradually become an open work communication area, the room for the work, talks, even can gradually derived lectures, salon, event and so on brand-new scene, has become a new medium, to join different forms of communication.

This design is in an auto industrial park, situated along the canal, the designer hopes to provide the user with a comfortable office experience, on the basis of creating a slightly cool feeling, work flow and open space, to support the future changeable demand, we hope to break the boundaries of space and time, this coincides with the attitude of contemporary new office space.

Resetting the streamline of the space becomes the first step of the design. The biggest feature of the shared office space is to plan out a reasonable area in an open space, and rationality becomes especially important, the open office area and the separate office and meeting area are arranged at intervals, so that users can switch efficiently and autonomously between the two different kinds of office places according to their needs.

Open and half-empty areas have multiple spatial attributes like courtyards, which can be freely transformed between office, social education and even activity Spaces.

The whole renovation design adopts the subtraction method to strip out the space and structural prototype, and restrained the material into the space system, thus increasing the visual height and width of the space, in the future office space development in the new mode, there will be more infinite possibilities for more companies will be carried out here,now and in the future .