BO Space

Type: Commercial
Location: Hangzhou,Zhejiang,CN
Area: 3000 ㎡
Date: 2018

Design extend the memory of the space.BO Space is located in HE Park where used to be an old industry factory and now a culture & innovation gathering place in Xixi Wetland in Hangzhou. The balance and connection between the new and the old brings a totally different vibe.Along with the imprint of the old factory building, you will find a new space behind the long corridor. The original sunken area is reserved and transformed into a small outdoor yard. Regarding the indoor design, we removed the walls facing the sunken yard so the views are wider. We also use an atrium to make a connection between indoor & outdoor space.Pass through the spacious restaurant and bar, along the black spiral staircase to the second floor, where we will see some fashion designers’ shops and a big empty space which can be used for art or fashion exhibition in the future. The terrace extend from the corridor will become a great leisure area in summer. From the point of view of commercial function, BO Space is a composite format but from the design point of view, we hope it will become a place for cultural preservation.In the designer’s view, the city is expanding way to fast that we are losing the old imprint of our city while we are losing our culture as well. Buildings are getting old, but we can keep it alive through a design transformation. This complex space does not only provide people a place to stay but also presents a way of living. People can find out what they really like here, even if they just enjoy a ray of sunshine, a picture show, a good meal, a slow pace, or a way back to life.