Type:Commercial Shop
Completed:Aug 2018

ANSHUKA was founded in 2010 on Nanshan Road, Hangzhou, next to the famous West Lake. It is named after the owner’s name “An”, meaning “kindness “. It is the first Western-style pastry store to bring semi-cooked cheese products into China.

In the overall renovation of ANSHUKA, the designer transformed the original milky yellow simple wall into a dark facade, supplemented by a golden frame, so that the whole building can echo to the surrounding environment and blend perfectly. We use white and wood as the main tone to create a more natural bright feeling. In order to attract more attention and people, we make the best use of the large arch-shaped floor windows to solve this problem appropriately. Whether at dusk or at night, the indoor activities reflect through the window has become a beautiful scenery on the street.

Nanshan Road is familiar to people in Hangzhou, and the memory of the phoenix tree is always with peace. We see people passing by quickly. The fast pace of modern urban life makes it easy for people to ignore small tiny nice things around them. And I hope that ANSHUKA can make a space where people are willing to slow down and stay, to feel the life for a while, even if it is just a cup of afternoon tea or a dessert time.

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