Type:Office Space transformation

Y20 SPACE is located in the famous XiXi Wetland of Hangzhou and surrounded by charming natural scenery and profound historical culture. This area is attracting a large number of small and medium enterprises. It will be a space for office work, business conference, activities, presentations and exhibitions in the future.

The landscape of the original main entrance of the building is very good, so we changed it into sunken yard. Let people to spend their leisure time here. The original building itself is like a letter Y, so the streamline of the indoor space is designed to act in coordination with the building. The holes in the original building wall are well preserved,just like eyes of the space soul. Due to the limitations of the construction some parts of the interior space are relatively narrow and lack sun light. We changed some walls into glass so we could make a connection between the indoor and outdoor. Also we used a lot of natural material to make the people here can feel the seasons change.

We think that design is not a skill, but a sense of perception and insight that captures the nature of things. The main concern is not the form, the space or the image, but the user’ s experience. Space is invisible but it is as rich as life and full of dynamic just like breeze, you can’t see it but you can always feel it. This is a kind of new work environment experience that we always want to bring to people.