Hongfei Yan was awarded the “2018 China outstanding young interior designer”

On August 11, 2018 China’s outstanding young interior designers’ nomination in Hangzhou is successfully held. The 2008 China Excellent Youth Interior Designer Nomination Competition was initiated by CIID Interior Design Network, aiming to discover new vitality of interior design in China, cultivate young examples of interior design, and promote the development and improvement of Chinese design. In this competition, six Eastern nominee designers – Sheng Tao, Xufeng Guo, Dong Chen, Xiwen Guo, Hongfei Yan, and Jun Yang, launched a fierce competition in the venue. The designer elaborates his own thinking and practice on design from two aspects: design speech and proposition answer.

Hongfei Yan, Partner and Design Director of WJ Design, explained his understanding of design by taking the latest work ” J.Lalli Resort Reception Center ” as an example. He thought, “Sensibility is the basis of design, design is the expression of emotion.” Space is alive, with the passage of time, nature, human behavior, will have an impact on space, so our design should be concerned from the perspective of continuity of space.

After fierce competition, the final comprehensive judges scored and voted online, Hongfei Yan won the “2018 China outstanding young interior designer” title. Nearly 200,000 people witnessed the birth of two outstanding Chinese young interior designers in the east through live or live broadcast platforms, and witnessed the future of Chinese design.