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When contemporary interior design is becoming increasingly formalistic,frivolous design elements are increasingly accumulated to excess. WJ Design pays great attention to continuity between interior and exterior spaces, and to the creative thought process itself. As far as the design of commercial projects, real estate, office, hotel and site-specific projects are concerned, WJ Design has rich and diverse experience.

WJ Design is able to provide its clients with extensive, comprehensive design services. Through strategic cooperation with supply chain professionals, and adopting new concepts, technologies and materials, they has been able to explore the connection between space, people and nature, which combining the demands of design styles with spatial function. Which is both practical for the public, interactive and personalized. Each project is made into a complete work with a high quality.

Leo Hu

Founder | GM | Design Principal
Design elite of AD 100 of 2017

Hongfei Yan

Founder | Design Principal
Design elite of modern decoration International Media Awards of 2014

—— Awards ——



German design awards
MISA Studio,Residential Category,Winner

MISA Studio,Residential Category,Shortlist
PAVILION BERTH, Display,Shortlist

AD 100 List, AD magazine
MISA Studio,Residence Category,Finalist


Top 12 Interior Design, gooood
MISA Studio, monthly Most Popular Interior Projects of December

Blue Design Office, The Best Office Interior Design
WJ Design Old Office, The Best Office Interior Design

Jiayue Khah Steam EraI, Best space Award
The Nine Residence, Hotel space Award

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